Carbide and higher service life

Carbide is a composite consisting of a hard material and a relatively soft binding material. It is an extremely hard material, characterized by high wear resistance and high hot-hardness. It is used in various fields that require tools or components to be particularly wear-resistant, such as in the machining of hard materials. Carbide improves the quality of tools and components, gives them a longer service life and ensures that processes are safe.

The carbide recipe for success

CB-CERATIZIT carbides are made of super-strong tungsten carbide and ductile cobalt. The two materials are fused in powder form. The amount of cobalt used and the grain size of the tungsten carbide both have an impact on the performance characteristics of the carbide, such as hardness, bending strength and fracture toughness. CB-CERATIZIT produces over 130 carbide grades, all with their own unique material composition. We have the perfect solution for every application and industry.

Production of carbide blanks

To make a finished carbide blank from a powder mix, you first need to press it into a mould. The resulting green compact can then be machined. Once it has been sintered at a temperature of between 1,300 and 1,500 degrees Celsius and a pressure of up to 100 bar, the green compact is turned into a dense, homogeneous carbide.

The whole carbide production process chain

CB-CERATIZIT masters the whole production process chain, from powder production, moulding and sintering to finishing and surface treatment: We grind, polish or erode the blank and cover it with an innovative wear-resistant coating. This gives our product the properties required for industrial applications.


Carbides are used in so many different industries and production processes these days that they have become almost indispensable. Complex products and modern materials place increasingly high demand on tools, materials and precision processing.

Take a look at our all-round-performing carbide products and how they can improve your productivity!