Tungsten Carbide Grade

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CB-CERATIZIT has long been forcusing on tungsten carbide production. We are capable of deliverying high quality, stable, and sepcialised carbide grade to cope with fast-changing market demands. Tungsten carbide products from CB-CERATIZIT are widly applied in every territory, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, and Medical industry.

In order to build up a professional knowledge platform, Tianjin Tooling Academy was set up in 2011. It is aimed to integrate European & Asian technology and to coach staff to become cutting tool solution experts. Through this platform, CB-CERATIZIT is able to consolidate material resource and industrial knowledge service.

Composition & Property

  Grade ISO Code Co(±0.5%) Density(g/cm3) Hardness TRS(MPa)
  K180 K05-K10 9.0 14.34 93.8 1,970 3,600
UF25 K10 - K20 12.0 14.10 92.4 1,680 4,000
WF25 K10-K20 11.5 14.15 92.2 1,650 3,800
  KS09 K20-K40 9.0 14.48 91.8 1,580 3,600
WF15 K20-K40 10.0 14.35 91.8 1,580 3,800
K200 K20-K40 10.0 14.40 91.3 1510 4,000
  K100L K10-K20 6.0 14.83 92.2 1,650 3,000
KR10 K10-K20 5.8 14.80 92.2 1,650 3,000

Grade Property & Recommendation

Ultrafine grain
K180 :
Ultrafine grade for HSC machining of tempered steel (HRC>60), abrasive aluminium, or CFRP.
UF25 :
Ultrafine grade for HSC machining of tempered steel (HRC≤60) and stainless steel. Even more concentrated grain distribution enhances tool life and work performance.
WF25 :
Appropriate for machining tempered steel (HRC<45) and stainless steel. It is a well-balanced high performance grade.

Submicron grain
KS09 :
Appropriate for machining stainless steels, heat-resistant alloys, & difficult-to-machine materials (Ti-based, Ni-based Alloy). Excellent performance especially under unfavorable conditions.
WF15 :
Well balanced physical properties, very good at universal machining of alloyed / non-alloyed steel.Well balanced physical properties, very good at universal machining of alloyed / non-alloyed steel.
K200 :
For stainless steel & heat-resistant alloys machining under work-condition of low cutting speed & high feed rate. Selective submicron carbide grade for optimum tool toughness.

K100L :
Certified fine carbide grade for diamond coating tool. For machining graphite, composite material, and high-silicon aluminium alloy.
KR10 :
Fine grain grade specially design for machining Non-ferrous metal, Cast Iron, and Plastic.

Work Material Hardness Recommendation

Work Material Grade Recommendation

  Work Material K180 UF25 WF25 KS09 WF15 K200 K100L KR10
P Non Alloy Steel      
Low / Medium Alloy Steel  
High Alloy Steel      
Ferritic Stainless Steel      
Martensitic Stainless Steel      
M Austenitic Stainless Steel      
Duplex Stainless Steel      
K Grey Cast Iron  
Nodular Cast Iron  
Ductile Cast Iron  
N Plastic  
Composite Material            
Aluminium Alloy (Si<12%)    
Copper Based Alloy      
S Super Alloy      
Titanium Alloy      
H Harden Steel    
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